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1. Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by[personal profile] auburn is novel length, and creates a universe that's so amazing and different from the one we know, despite having the same characters and the same universe. It's a different reality, and shows how easy it is to bend reality in the SGA universe without ever having to completely go AU. The story is perfect, but you'd need some knowledge of SG-1 (though google can solve most of it for you). It tells the story of former Tauri Air Force officer Jehan abd-Baal (John Sheppard), former Tauri, but not former scientist Meredith McKay, former Goa'uld queen Vala Mal Doran and all the people they pick up off the way. It has two codas: Killdeer and Everybody Knows

2. Aegis by Springwoof and Leah is another story that shows how flexible the SGA fandom is - how easy it is to create universes that diverges so far and yet so little from the show everyone watches and loves. I read Aegis without any knowledge of SGA, and I adored it. It was only after I watched the show that I realized how similar everything was, how everything was reconstructed from the universe that already existed. It's definitely for the readers - written for SGA Big Bang, it's a unique gem that explores how different things would have been if the ATA meant having powers, and how that would change things. Has two sequels - Enthrall and Stricken.

3. Found by [livejournal.com profile] ekaterinn should be warned for genderswap, but you barely notice it, so I'm not sure. This story is short, but shows how amazing the writers of the fandom are, that they can make something like genderswap (which many people abhor) so natural, without offending anyone's sensibilities.

4. Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by [personal profile] synecdochic is one of the fandom's most well-loved and most heart breaking stories. One which I couldn't ever read again, but oh I would love to. It's a deathfic and focuses on life after Atlantis for Rodney McKay. The story is a picture of what reality the fandom works with, the one where not every thing is a happily ever after, and it's written so beautifully and painfully.

5. Bang by [personal profile] rageprufrock is a well-loved story - though Pru is well loved in the SGA fandom altogether. In this one, it shows how Earth is no longer John's home in a hilariously creative way, without really coming out and saying "Earth is no longer John's home". It's light-hearted and cracky in a way that's totally possible.

6. Cartography by Touch by [personal profile] rageprufrock . I thought I might as well go through her fic list now - a lot of them are fandom classics. CbT is what I like to call "deeper than the seventh ring of Hell". It's beautifully written and delves pretty deep inside John's psych. It takes a lot of reading between the lines to find out what's going on, but this story is amazing. It has a companion piece, too.

7.  Bagglevarger's Theory of Inversive Magic by [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants is a Harry Potter crossover that isn't so much a crossover as it is in the Harry Potter universe. But once again, it merges the Stargate universe so well and it doesn't feel as if they'd just dumped Stargate's characters into Rowling's world. Has a drabble series

8. Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by [personal profile] rageprufrock  is an AU that beats out every other AU to ever AU. The one where Rodney is a college professor and he meets John the Bartender/Stripper, who is actually his TA, and due to stupid cousins who have incestuous crushes on him, also turns out to be his boyfriend. An AU that stays true to the characters of John and Rodney. Amusing and heartwarming all at once. And so, so epic It's also a series: with many sequels: Learning Curve, or, Tab, Exponential Curves, or, Chance , Curve Ball, Skew Curve, Pursuit Curve, Rhodonea Curves

9. Mr Fantastic and Einstein's Wife by glitterlube is pure crack, but had me smiling so much by the end of it that I'd recommend it to anyone (who read fic). John has been Rodney's best friend for many years, and all he wants is Rodney to marry him! Being straight means nothing - he'll come around.

10. 100 Happy Things by [livejournal.com profile] busaikko is the one where John is Jona - but it's not a genderswap. The story is soft around the edges in that way you can get lost in. Rodney is raising Jeannie's daughter and they meet. This story touches upon sensitive subjects so well, and Rodney and John's characters are true to who they are in the show, even in the very different circumstances. Here's a companion piece

15 more recs under the cut ) is the one where people don't just die in combat. Heartbreaking, yes. Written in a very realistic and a very refreshing way (though I'm not sure how that makes sense - refreshing and heartbreaking.) 

15. And Be One Traveler by [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone and [livejournal.com profile] amirael . So beautiful and amazing and ahdshjdhfj. So David Hewlett gets transported to the Stargate universe and meets all the characters, and, as everyone does, fall in love with John. This is so amazing jdjfjdjjsjsks the way he sees the characters is so amazing, I can't really explain it. You do have to join the community to see the fic though. All you need to do is join. IT IS AMAZING.

16. Gods That Slumber by [livejournal.com profile] nixa_jane  is one of those fics that seem so quiet, because it's so intense. It's very similar to canon, other than one difference. It's short, but still extremely well-written. Sequel is Engineering The Fall.

17. He's Having Her Baby! and He's Having His Baby! by [personal profile] rageprufrock is the fake-mpreg turned into real mpreg cautionary tale. Really, really really really amusing and so so sweet at the same time and I'm really running out of different ways to compliment all the amazing fics this fandom has to offer. Oh my god.

18. No Refunds Or Exchanges by [personal profile] astolat is the one where John is a mail order bride that Rodney did not want, but definitely needed. I'm just gonna summarize the fics now because they're all amazing, and there just cannot be that many ways to say "amazing".

19. A Beautiful Lifetime Event by [personal profile] astolat . Rodney and John acquire a baby, build and burn bridges and try to function as heterosexual lifemates, before they inevitably give up and just be normal lifemates.

20. Fading Skies by [livejournal.com profile] diamond_raven . John gets injured in Somalia and can never walk again. Rodney loves him enough to carry him through, and John struggles through so so many things, and the thought that he doesn't deserve Rodney anymore.

21.The Dark Side by [personal profile] astolat . The one where Rodney is a Jedi and John is a Sith Lord. (Or, the fic that made me grudgingly respect Star Wars)

22. The Other Road by [livejournal.com profile] seekergeek . Elizabeth chuckled. "You know Rod's not the type to settle down, Sam. He's too busy saving the galaxy. And frankly I think he's having too much fun now that he's finally able to be the chief science officer he signed up to be instead of running the military end of things."

23. A Slightly Different Quality of Light by [personal profile] rageprufrock . Still, he leans in to whisper, "Don't worry. I'm not telling. But just for future reference? 'You're so pretty' is not a pick-up line you want to keep falling for."

24. Heteronormativity, Gender Construction, and Non-Verbal Signaling in Intercultural Communication: A Comedy by [livejournal.com profile] madmaudlin HET WARNING. HET WARNING HET WARNING.  (did I mention HET?) John/Teyla via the Mensa 'verse

25. Tannhauser Gate by [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone . He could still remember what it felt like, the first time he stepped out of the wormhole and into Atlantis. Lights coming on all around them, welcoming them, welcoming him home.

Second part here.


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