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Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:56 pm
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 X-Men First Class:

"Apple Seeds" - This fic is extremely difficult to explain, but can most accurately be described as a deeper look on Charles Xavier, and  what it means to be a powerful telepath, as well as why he will never see things the way Erik does. The fic does a very good job of destroying the naivete that both Raven and Erik claim Charles possesses in spades, as well as offering little peeks into the short relationship Erik and Charles shared with each other. Charles/Erik

Warnings: mentions/talk/attempted suicide, depression, references to (literary) work outside of the Marvel Universe (in this case Shakespeare), references to/actual sex

"Work of Progress" - A different Charles and Erik in a different time, in which Erik is a vigilante and Charles is an artist. The author shows the subtle differences and similarities between this universe and the one that exists in X-Men First Class - the way Erik is the same person, and how Charles reacts differently in reflection of the society he lives in. Pretty short, but still satisfying and gives enough feels to be worth a rec. Charles/Erik

Warnings: Fusion fic, AU, vigilantism.

"Souls" - A really fascinating fic where Erik collects people's souls on Shaw's behest, believing he has none himself. He meets Charles and Charles sets him straight. Author describes it as a "really demented fairytale", but eerily a reflection of the original fairy tales, except for the fact there's a pretty happy ending - which makes this one a winner compared to the original Little Mermaid. Gen, but could be read as light Charles/Erik

Warnings: "slightly demented fairytale", soul-stealing

"Replay" - A fix-it amazingly, hilariously well done. Where older!Charles goes back into his younger self's body in order to seduce Erik to the path of light. The dark side may have cookies, but the light has awesome sex. This fic is awesomely feel-good, and I suggest it as a cure for the 98% of XMFC fics that are bound to break your heart.  Charles/Erik 

Warnings: Charles in denial, references to/actual sex

"So Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show" - A fic in thirty sentences, with Charles at the centre. Shows his struggles with identity, when the person he was born as isn't who he is.  Charles/Erik 

Contains: Trans character


"Just Off The Key of Reason" - Brendon Urie meets The Joker, and whatever Stockholm/Lima syndrome develops afterwards is as close to love as these two will ever get close to. Meshes the bandom characters into the Marvel Universe to make them civilians in a crime-filled world. The Joker/Brendon Urie

Warnings: Possible stockholm/lima syndrome, psychopaths, violence, AU, crossover

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From: [personal profile] unforgotten
Thanks for the rec! I totally LOL'd at your description of Replay. XD

Oh and +1 on Apple Seeds, I love that fic!


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