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Jan. 9th, 2012 12:43 pm
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 X-Men: First Class:

"The Fine Print" - Charles deals in the trade and repair of rare books, and has more mouths to feed than he can afford. Erik Lehnsherr has Wanda and Pietro and is attractively German, and of course Charles wants to hit that, except he can't really afford the distractions, or the children might have to pay for it. Charles/Erik

Warnings: Financial problems, talk of injuries, injuries

"Chronognosis" - Charles appears in Erik's life before and after 1962 in many forms, as a little boy scared for his mother and as a man paralysed by love. A fusion with The Time Traveller's Wife. Charles/Erik

Warnings: Fusion, not a fix it, major character death

"Omega" - In a universe where all mutants are sent to Genosha after checking out for the mutant gene, Charles Xavier is still different, with parents who loved him so much they paid millions to keep their child. As a result, Charles grows up in a world that has no mutants and without the knowledge of how powerful he is. Charles/Erik

Warnings: AU, politics, talk of world domination, violence, illegal experimentation on sentient beings

"Little Birds" - If X-Men: First Class was birds. Erik and Charles are a falcon and a dove, and Erik still wants Shaw dead, while Charles takes care of sparrows. Raven is a raven, and it ends up a romantic story that rivals that of shark!Erik and dolphin!Charles. Charles/Erik

Warning: interspecies bird lovin', bird violence, birds birds birds

"An Accident of Circumstance" - Erik is a vampire who is given the honour of choosing a childe for the first time. He chooses Charles, and starts a revolution for him.  Charles/Erik

Warnings: Fusion with Vampire Academy, vampires, blood

"Celestial Navigation" - Erik and Charles are recruiting in New York city. It doesn't sound like much, but the writing is poignant and the way the fic progresses is quite amazing and charming, and all the characters, minor or otherwise, is given a kind of life they're usually not given in one-shots with too little time to pay much attention. Charles/Erik

Warnings: prejudiced minor character

"Guilty by Association" - WIP - Erik Lehnsherr is a detective and Charles Xavier is not a prostitute. Except Erik thinks he is. There's also a murder that's being covered up, and Erik wants to get to the bottom of it, to the bottom of everything, including why there's a picture of very, rich, very powerful Brian Xavier with his arm around Charles on Charles' night stand. But mostly murder. Charles/Erik

: murder, prostitution, pretend!prostitution, corruption

"Twice Over" - WIP - Charlotte becomes Magda for one night, and meets the father of her child, a man who calls himself Magnus. Four years later, he's actually Erik Lehnsherr. Charles Xavier as a woman is different from Charles in many ways, but the biggest way, of course, is Anya, her daughter. Charles/Erik

Warnings: pregnancy, female Charles


"Semaphore" - Tony keeps making a bad impression on Steve, but he tries, and eventually, I think Steve realizes he's trying. They grow increasingly fond of each other, despite the obstacles of them being each other. Also, Tony Stark was such a fanboy or Capatain America, you don't even know. Tony/Steve

Warnings: references to suicide, depression, Tony Stark

"Two Out of Three (Ain't Bad)" - Or - the fic where Tony realizes he's ridiculously in love with Captain America, everyone else already knew, and so does Captain America - but not before Tony falls all over himself trying to do Nice Things in order to make Steve Rogers smile. Tony/Steve

Warnings: fluff, Tony Stark

Stargate Atlantis:

"Here, Every Language is Silent" - John falls into a coma, and Rodney fails to realized he's fallen for his best friend. Alost, John is inside Atlantis, and he can't find his way back to his body. John/Rodney

Warnings: coma, being in love with your best friend, Science fiction, trope

"Integration by Parts" - Rodney is horrified when John keeps failing to show up to school, and realizes he can't let that Mathematical potential go to waste, and so goes over to John's house to teach him Math. He should've listened to the gossip beforehand, though. It all ends well. Could be counted as gen.  John/Rodney 

Warnings: minor character death, parental death, Math, high school, AU


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